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Article advertising the three most popular hobbies in St. Augustine in 1925: bathing, golfing, and fishing.
Full-page sales spread for The Surprise Store detailing sales on clothing

H.W. Davis Sales Advertisement from the St. Augustine Record - EDIT.jpg
Advertisement announcing sale on trousers and in-stock bathing suits

H.W. Davis & Co. Bathing Suit Advertisement from the St. Augustine Record Get a Fresh Bathing Suit - EDIT.jpg
Advertisement for new bathing suits at the H.W. Davis & Co store on Cordova Block, King Street

Eastern Surfing Championships from Surfing Girl Magazine - EDIT.jpg
Article providing short biographies on the 2000 East Coast Surfing Championship winners

Spotted Advertisement Featuring J. Lee Driskell - EDIT.jpg
Advertisement for photography company with a photograph of J. Lee Driskell

Quick Pitches- Local Surfers Named to All-Star Team from The St. Augustine Record.jpg
Four St. Augustine surfers are nominated to the Eastern Surfing Association's all-star team.

Full Service- History of the Surf Station Pg 1 - EDIT.jpg
Tory Strange recalls how the Surf Station surf shop came to be, and how it has changed over the years.

St. Cardiffstine Pg 1 - EDIT.jpg
This article focuses on the connections between the St. Augustine and California surf communities through the travels of Zander Morton and Jimmy Wilson, both local surfers who have made a living within the industry.
Newsletter from the St. Augustine Longboard Club that details club activities and advertises local surf shops and events.
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