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"A Grom's Life- Receiving a Surf Shop Education" from Old City Life, Volume 12 Issue 8
Zander Morton recalls the role of Tory Strange's Surf Station in shaping his youth and ultimately his passion for surfing.

"Bitchin' Breaks & Better Days- Mourning the Loss of Surf Spots of Yore" from Void Magazine
St. Augustine surfers Walter Coker and Tory Strange reflect on old surfing spots on Anastasia Island and at Vilano Beach, reminiscing on old friends and good times.

"Full Service- History of the Surf Station" from Old City Life Volume 12 Issue 8
Tory Strange recalls how the Surf Station surf shop came to be, and how it has changed over the years.

"Oldest City Shapers" from Indoek- St. Augustine
This article explores the uniqueness of the St. Augustine surfboard shaping community, and includes interviews with Drew Bagett, Kevin Sullivant, and Kevin Mileski, among others.

"Waves of Nostalgia" from Old City Life Volume 12 Issue 8
This article discusses the history of the St. Augustine Beach Pier and the surfers who once rode the waves near it. Changing shorelines and storms have long since brought an end to the pier being a premier surf location, leaving only memories with…

"St. Cardiffstine- The St. A-Cali Connection" from Old City Life Volume 12 Issue 8
This article focuses on the connections between the St. Augustine and California surf communities through the travels of Zander Morton and Jimmy Wilson, both local surfers who have made a living within the industry.

"Local Craftsmen- Shapers of St. Augustine" from Old City Life Volume 12 Issue 8
A survey of local board shapers, this article examines what makes the St. Augustine surfboard designing community unique.

"Professional Surfers" from Old City Life Volume 12 Issue 8
Professionals from around St. Augustine discuss surfing and their careers, creating a much different image of the surfer than is typically depicted.

"Takes from the Pump" from Indoek- St. Augustine
Various St. Augustine surfers recall stories regarding Tory Strange's Surf Station over the years.

"A Musician of Many Talents" from The Compass, St. Augustine Record
This article gives a brief overview of local surfer, musician, and potter J. Lee Driskell and her various activities.

"Surf- J. Lee Driskell" from Drift Magazine
Drift Magazine interviews St. Augustine surfer, pilot, musician, potter, and jeweler J. Lee Driskell.

"Destination- Bahamas" from East Coast Carvin'
A brief article describing a surfing trip in The Bahamas with J. Lee Driskell

"East Coast Champions" from Eastern Surf Magazine
A page spread of the ESA Eastern Surfing Champions

"Ships" from Eastern Surf Magazine
Author Matt Pruett discusses the 2000 ESA Championship held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Blue Sky Surf Shop Advertisement from Eastern Surf Magazine
An advertisement for Blue Sky Surf Shop based on a photograph of J. Lee Driskell surfing.
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