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Female Surfers

Carol Driskell Surfing.jpg

Surfing was not only for the guys, as many women in and around St. Augustine made a name for themselves as exceptionally talented surfers and professionals in the community. Click the link to see some of St. Augustine's notable women on the water.

Local Photographers

Walter Coker in His Home, From Indoek St. Augustine Issue.jpg

Without photographers, there would hardly be an online surf archives. Click the link to read a bit about some of the legendary men and women who have captured the evolution of surfing in St. Augustine. 

Local Surfers

St. Augustine is home to generations of surfers and their families, many of whom have generously offered their photographs to the St. Augustine Historical Society to be catalogued and displayed here. Click the link to take a look at the surfers who call the Oldest City home.

Magazine Spreads

Craig Davis on the Cover of The Waverider - EDIT.jpg

St. Augustine's appeal and talented surfers have historically drawn interest from various surf magazines. Click the link to take a look at magazine spreads featuring the Oldest City's surfing greats.

Man's Best Friend

Jojo the Corgi Riding a Wave In - EDIT.jpg

In St. Augustine, humans are not the only surfers. Local pets throughout the years have also taken to the sea in pursuit of the perfect wave. Dogs in particular have found the sport as fun as mankind, even going so far as to participate in their own contests. Click the link to see some of St. Augustine's canine surfers.

Newspaper Articles

St. Augustine's local newspaper, the St. Augustine Record (known as the St. Augustine Evening Record prior to the 1930s) has often covered notable local surfers and surf competetions.  Click the link to take a look at some surf-related articles and photos.

Oral Histories

Various local surfers and surf community icons graciously volunteered to participate in oral history interviews. Click the link to listen to what they have to say about surf culture in St. Augustine.

Postcards and Tourist Memorabilia

St. Augustine has been a prime tourist destination since long before the era of surf. Cick the link to take a look at some of the Oldest City's various tourist memorabilia, postcards included.

Sailors and Lifeguards

For centuries, St. Augustine has proven to be strategically important to various military forces. United States Army, Navy, and Coast Guard units have called the Oldest City home for a time. Red Cross Lifeguards too trained and were stationed at the various local beaches as well. Click the link to take a look at the lifeguards and sailors who called St. Augustine home, both before and during the era of surf.

Surf Contests

Rick Shiver and John Bromirski Surfing the First Fourth of July Contest at the St. Augustine Beach Pier.jpg

Like most other sports, surfing has a competitive side, and St. Augustine has produced quite a few surfers who have gone on to compete at all levels. Click the link to take a look at pictures from some of the various surf contests held in St. Augustine.

Surf Statements

While many local surfers provided us with exemplary oral histories, others provided shorter statements reflecting on surfing and its impact on them. Click the link to read some of these tales from the surf.

Surfboard Design

Two Longboards on the Beach at a St. Augustine Longboard Club Contest.jpg

Surfboards are as unique as the surfers who ride them. While home to plenty of surfers., St. Augustine is also home to various surfboard shapers, who design their own unique boards. Click the link to take a look at some of the surfboard designs of St. Augustine.

Surfing Around the World

Robbie Wiles Surfing in Costa Rica.jpg

St. Augustine surfers have gone far and wide in their pursuit of the perfect wave. Click the link to see some local legends carving it up in foreign waters.

The Ancient City

Aerial View of St. Augustine looking East.jpg

The oldest continually inhabited city in the United States, St. Augustine has changed a great deal over the years. Some surfers were able to capture the changes as the town grew and changed while they were living, working, and surfing here. Click the link to see some of their pictures.

The Years Before Surf

Anastasia Island Beach.jpg

Prior to the arrival of surf culture to St. Augustine, the Ancient City was still a popular tourist destination for many people. Click the link to view images of St. Augustine from before surfing became big.